Home Purchase Loan Advisor

Let us help you determine what loan options might best fit your situation for the purchase of your new home.

By answering the questions below, we can help you choose the loan programs that may work best for you.

Which statement best describes your needs and preferences for your monthly payment?
  I like the security of a fixed payment over the life of my home loan
  I am interested in a lower initial payment knowing it may increase later

How long do you plan to own this home?
  Less than 5 years
  more than 5 years

How will you use the new home?

What type of home will it be?

How would you rate your credit?
  Very Good
  Pretty Good
  Not So Red Hot

What is the purchase price of the home?

How much are you putting down?

Are you interested in the lowest down payment possible, even if the rate is a little higher?