Our Loan Process



Your approval begins with a completed loan application.  You can either complete the online application, or you can call 866.624.LOAN and press 0 to speak with a mortgage consultant, or by requesting a call back.


Check the application checklist in order to gather the documents needed at application time.


Loan Analysis
Preliminary Approval

Your application will be reviewed by a loan officer, and you will be contacted to confirm the information on your application.  Your loan specialist will present the best loan alternatives to you (important in this changing mortgage market), and together we can decide which option is best for your situation.   Service with a personal touch!

Your application will be underwritten and a approval issued. In most cases, your loan will receive an pre-approval in 4 hours or less.

Loan Documents


Rate Lock-in

After you have decided which loan is best for your needs, we will send the loan application disclosures to you to review and sign at your convenience.  We will also collect the required loan documentation for your property, income, assets, etc., and provide a return overnight package for you to return the information.  A list of common documents is here.

Your rate is also locked at a low rate and with low costs, or you can float the rate if you believe rates are going lower.

Property Appraisal


Loan Processing

Your loan is assigned to one of our experienced loan processors. We then request an appraisal of your property and begin the processing of your loan.

The primary function of the loan processor is to verify your loan file by documenting your income, assets, employment history, and debts.  It typically takes a week or more to have the appraisal completed, and then underwriting reviews the documentation for approval. At this point the underwriter may ask for additional clarifying information about your application.

Final Approval


Loan Closing

Once the processor has gathered all documents from you and your property is appraised, your file will be returned to the underwriter for final approval.  


Loan documents are now prepared including the note, deed of trust, and supporting disclosures. Your closing is scheduled with you and the closing company.


Congratulations!  Your loan closed!


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