Renting Vs Buying

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Home ownership is a major part of the "American Dream"! Today with the variety of mortgage programs available for first time home buyers and interest rates at their lowest levels in many years, the dream can become a reality for more and more people every day.

Use your rent money to help yourself rather than your landlord!


For example a $100,000 home with a $95,000, conventional 30 year mortgage at 7% interest would result in a total monthly payment of $812.75 [$632.04 mortgage payment on principal & interest, $20 homeowners insurance, $98.96 property taxes, and $61.75 Private Mortgage Insurance if down payment less than 20% of home sale price].


Unlike any other investment, your return (equity) is based upon the appreciation of your home regardless of your initial investment. You can enjoy substantial gains with very little of your money put down up front.


The interest you pay to your mortgage lender is often tax deductible thereby reducing your taxable income at tax time. Check with your tax consultant to see how you may benefit.


With a fixed rate mortgage, you won’t have to worry about your payments going up each year , as usually happens when you rent.

Let a mortgage planner help make your dreams come true!


The Millionaire next door!


Shopping for a mortgage can be confusing! Acronyms like APR, ARM and VOE and terminology like escrow, bridge loan, and discount points sound like some foreign language. And then the decisions. Do you want a 15 year mortgage, 30 year mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), balloon mortgage, or a convertible ARM????


We can help.  We will make the mortgage process simple for you.


The following example shows how a longer mortgage is better:


A borrower with a 30 year mortgage invests the monthly difference between the higher payments of a 15 year mortgage and the lower payments of a 30 year mortgage in a retirement plan yielding 12.5%. Payments on the 15 year loan are $16,686/year and on the 30 year loan they are $13,086/year. The homeowner will build a retirement account of $1.17 million!!! It could be your next door neighbor or you!!


Buy a home and let your rent money work for you.

Something to think about
When you know what you want, and you want it badly enough, you will find a way to get it..
Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.
Success is not so much what we have as it is what we are.


Consider refinancing your mortgage to free up your equity to create financial independence!


What a great feeling when you suddenly look down and discover money on the sidewalk or in a parking lot be it a little or a lot. And you know how hard it is to save and to find the money for those things you want and need. Perhaps you’re not looking in the right place!


Consider the equity in your house and refinancing to free that money up for investment opportunities.


1. Insufficient money to pay cash

2. Tax deductions

3. The difference in borrowing and investing opportunities


Choosing a longer mortgage and/or refinancing can put you in the driver’s seat and let you take control of your financial future. You can be the millionaire next door!


Check with a mortgage planner from and your own financial planner or let us refer one to you to help you take charge of your financial future! Freeing up the equity in your house for investment that you can turn into financial independence.


Let a mortgage specialist from  help you make your dreams come true!!!