First Time Homebuyer Programs

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We have several programs that assist first time buyers - who usually have less money to put down.  The rates are good, but the PMI (mortgage insurance) is higher with less money down.  If you have 5% or more to put down, you qualify at the same good rates and good PMI rates as other homebuyers.

That being said - we have many ways to help you get into a home.

Note: Almost all of these programs are available to 2nd time homebuyers, and refinancing, as long as your fit the qualifications below.


1) FHA or Conventional 3% down programs - with good credit, and even with damaged credit with our FHA Loans.  Sometimes down payment assistance programs can be used to raise the 3%.  Or in some cases - gifts or even credit card advances.
2) VA Financing - if you have served your country, you can qualify for higher LTV VA Financing.

3) Teacher, Police Officer, and Firefighter loans - if you are a full-time or part-time state accredited school teacher, a school administrator, a Police Officer, or Firefighter, you have earned some special consideration in the loan process.  Up to 100% financing, expanded credit and ratio guidelines, and reserves can be gifted.  Income requirements apply in certain areas.

4) Census tract - if the home is in a certain census tract, you can qualify for great financing.  This is to encourage development of certain areas.  Check your census tract here.  Then compare against this list if you live in a metropolitan area, or this list if you live in an non-metropolitan area.

5) Non-Occupant Borrowers - sometimes an individual doesn't have the credit history, or the income to qualify.  A relative can co-sign for the loan to assist.  This is very common with college students that want to buy a place to qualify for in-state tuition.  The parents co-sign with them.