3/29/2012 - Keith Luedeman named to Clemson University's Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership Hall Of Fame today announced it's founder and CEO has been inducted into the Spiro Institute Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.  Luedeman was inducted alongside Stefan Lalos of Majestic Holding Company of Maryland as it's 8th member in a ceremony on March 29, attended by close to 300 Faculty and Students. 

Luedeman is a 1987 graduate of Clemson University and has been involved in mentoring other entrepreneurs for many years, including students from Clemson University.
“I am honored to be accepted into this institution's Hall of Fame.” said Keith Luedeman, founder and CEO of “Clemson's Spiro Institute is a ground-breaking organization.  It's support for teaching Entrepreneurship in higher education is world class, as is it's upcoming MBA in Entrepreneurship.  For students to have this type of education and support as an undergrad and post-grad is a fantastic resource.  Entrepreneurs are the backbone of job and value in our country, and this Institute is providing the groundwork for the next generation of job creators."

About the Spiro Institute

Entrepreneurship involves recognizing an opportunity and then organizing a response — often under highly uncertain conditions and with limited resources. Although the term entrepreneurship is usually associated with the creation of a new business venture, virtually all business leaders face its challenges. The Spiro Institute draws from the expertise within the College of Business and Behavioral Science to explore entrepreneurial leadership in its various forms. Spiro faculty researchers explore many topics, including the behavior and characteristics of entrepreneurs, the process of new venture creation, the economic and public policy implications of clusters of new ventures, and the values and norms of families and communities that shape entrepreneurs.

Through various outreach initiatives, the institute involves students and faculty in activities with entrepreneurs and business leaders. The college offers entrepreneurial leadership course work and educational programs for business and nonbusiness students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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