Refinance Mortgage Calculators

new Mortgage Checkup Calculator
Forget the old wives tale about a 2% rate drop.  Look at the rate of your first and second mortgage and find out how much lower your blended rate needs to be to refinance.

Amortization Tables
Print out a custom amortization table for your mortgage.
Refinancing Calculator
How much lower will your new payment be at a lower rate?

Interest Only Mortgage Payments
How much would you save monthly by having an interest only mortgage payment?

Should I Consolidate Debt?
How much can I save with a 
Home Equity Loan?
Should I Refinance?
How much can I save by lowering my rate?

Blended Rate Calculator
Calculate the real blended interest rate of a first and second mortgage combo.

Compare Two Loans
Compare two loans over any number of years for monthly savings.
Compare Several Loans
See several loans and their Principal and Interest payments side by side to compare.